Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Hey, all you aviators. I know it's been a couple of weeks since i've done an update, But i've been really busy sleeping in and doing nothing at all. HA HA LOSERS! Hope everyone had a merry christmas and a great New Year. Mine was really great. Still back here in my small home town in BFE(Kansas). Will be coming home on Wednesday. I look forward to it, but not ready to leave my family or go back to work. the first few days here were really nice, but it's gotten really nasty out. A line of storms stretching from west of denver to just east of where I am was dumping rain and snow all over. It was supposed to snow here big time Yesterday, but just dropped a little bit. Thank god. I know the Wrider would disagree, but BLAH!! I'll pass on the snow.

My sister is due any day now with her baby(from this point on called "the alien") , if she doesn't have "the alien" by wednesday morning they're going to induce. I was hoping i would be here when she has "the alien" but i supposed i won't. Ohh well. I didn't really want to see "the alien" anyway, just wanted to be there to support my sister. not so much a big fan of the kids.

Anyway, Gotta get back to the Rose Bowl. It's a sacrilege to do anything but watch football on new years eve and new years day if you are a male in my family. I don't really want to be lynched.

Started working on a new design for the blog, look for it soon.

Above is a pic of this podunk town. this is pretty much looking from one end to the other. Not very impressive i know.