Friday, August 24, 2007

F the Hypocrits!

So i was out having dinner with a friend tonight that I hadn't seen in a while. Me and this girl usually have the the greatest of conversations, whether it be serious with some humor thrown in(you all know me) or just laughing the whole time. We usually end up parting ways well into the early morning(No birdman, not like that) as we lose track of time. Well, it's currently 7:48 PM on Friday night if that tell you anything. From the moment we met up at the restaurant it was nothing but a bitch fest. Don't get me wrong, i think that is part of being a friend, in fact i believe that it's part of a contract you sign when you move from being just an acquaintance to actually being a friend. Anyway, this was well beyond that, she was complaining about men, and blah blah blah blah blah. Since the last time we had seen each other she had gone out with a few men. She said that the last gent she dated and split up with had basically said that he didn't find her attractive to him. So i looked her straight in the eyes and told her, "men are assholes". plain and simple, you need to move on and find someone that does find you attractive. Well, it didn't end there, she went on and on and on about how men are shallow, and narrow minded, and how all they wanted are the skinny little model girls that would act like a pornstar. That guys never take the time to really get to know a girl's personality and that the outside is all that matters. Seriously, this tirade of bullshit went on literally for about 15 minutes. Holy crap I wanted to stick a freak spork in my eye. After she had calmed down a little bit, her breathing went back to normal and we were able to start a normal conversation, we got on the subject of a guy that she had just met at a bar and had gone out on a couple of dates with. She said he was nice, treated her well and doted on her. That's when the bells went off. So i said it, "But?". She said to my complete and utter astonishment, He's doesn't quite have a full head of hair and he's kind of short. I asker her how his personality was. She said it was ok but she hadn't got to know him well enough.

You have got to be kidding me. Holy crap i went off. I asked her how she had the nuts to complain about men being shallow and heartless and she turns around and does the EXACT same thing. She said that "it's different" and she's not that way and I should know that. I asked her how it's different, she said that it's different because she doesn't know if she can be attracted to him or not. I said isn't that the exact fucking thing that you complained about? Well, that was about it. She got up and walked out in the middle of dinner.

look, the fact is, there are those that won't be attracted to you and some that will. it's nature. I have had girls that i liked that weren't attracted to me and I've been with girls that liked me that i wasn't attracted too. it's nature, and there's no changing it. People nowadays have a tendency to take these things to personally. it's not that there's anything wrong with you, it's just that you aren't a fit for that person. We all have someone that is the missing piece to the puzzle, sometimes it just takes a while to root around through all the wrong pieces to find that one.

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