Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Holy Cheebus!!

I should have thought about this.

have a listen

Hip hop traslation for dummies. nizzice.

Just a little something to make you laugh......or crap yourself.

yeah o yeah

"so i dig into my pocket all my money is spent,
so i dig deeper but still coming up with lint."
Erik B and Rakim

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You funny guy docta Jones.

Ok, here are some videos to make you laugh. And remember, VD is for everybody.

Don't copy that floppy
Need some Caffeine?
UR Crazy!!
With love from Russia

"We're here and now, will ever be again,
Cause I have found,
All that shimmers in this world is sure to fade
Away again"
Fuel - Shimmer
Greatest song ever!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

The public "Office"!

Ok, pet peeve time on today's flight folks. Ok firstly, if you are one to execute any of the following pet peeves or are just bothered or insulted by them, well, I'm not sorry, suck it up, quit crying and then go home and kill yourself slowly. Now, on my way to work the other morning as I was on the "on Ramp" transitioning to get on the freeway, I, along with a dozen other enraged motorists were stuck behind a newer model corvette (yes corvette) traveling at, and this is not a joke, 35. He continued to travel 35 well onto the freeway. I passed him just to get a look at this idiot and realized that he is of the geriatric crowd. I can only assume that he pulled out all of his social security and 401k that he earned throughout his life so that he could spend it on this vehincle so he could look cooler and go down to the home and pick up on maybelle or betty lou, which wouldn't freakin matter anyway as the passenger seat has to be used for either his oxygen tank or his iron lung. Holy crap I was pissed. next, I was in the restroom relieving myself(that's going No 1 for you birdman) when someone who will remain nameless(my manager) came in and decides to interrogate me about a project date. Ok, i'm at my desk most of the day, or at least a few min of it, send me a freakin email and ask me to come in for a few min and question me there. And finally, one that really kills me. Say someone emails or IMs you a question, you reply to it with your infinite wisdom, they say thank you. What do you do? YOU DON'T DO S**T. That is the end of the f'n conversation. you don't need to reply, it just wastes your and their time. God i hate people sometimes.

"in the space of a 5 hour time difference,
My mind has run a marathon of thought leaving
loneliness to abuse me and jealousy to pick up the pieces"