Monday, April 09, 2007

Being Done with Moving forward.

There have been quite a few posts over the last few months about the need to move forward. it is important in so many ways, but most of all, it is detrimental in keeping your sanity in check. On that note, continuing to talk about moving forward is just as bad as not moving forward at all. So i will post this one last piece about it(Or in this case, lack of wanting to move forward). It's another poem from my fav poet, Mr. Rod McKuen. Hope you all enjoy it.

The smell goes first.
The smell that closed rooms have
when women are about.

No coffee smell,
no sweet stale smell of bath.
no hair smell on the pillow,
no smell of beds too long unchanged.

I kept the window closed all day
trying to retain what little of you there was left.

And now the darkness like firecrackers ringing in my
trying to sleep in the same unchanged bed
calling back old images
to make the evening come out right.