Thursday, January 18, 2007

On the Lamb!!

So went out to the CSUF ball game on saturday with the Duke and his friends N and E, Both very cool guys. Got there at half time and CSUF was up by 20. 4 minutes after that they were up by 30 and 2 minutes after that 40. N and E were ready to get out of there and have some beers. Went to Hero's and stood around drinking for about 2 hours, but it doesn't really matter if you have a beer in your hand, there's a ball game on and there's a bunch of nice looking ladies walking about. N's Girl shows up who I am smitten with and we eat and drink some more and then decide to go across the street to where my buddy works at a little Wine bar called "The Twisted Vine". Really cool place with even cooler people. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to hang out at a casual relaxed place. So we head over there and E starts heading across the street. The Duke stops him and tells him be careful cause the 5 O are pretty hardcore down here against jaywalking. E says F'it and heads across the street and the Duke and I follow, I look down the street just as we get across it and what do I see, yup yup, lights. Sone of a.... The Duke and E start heading right past the bar where all of the bartenders who know us are saying hi and wondering what the hell were doing, I tell them that we just got busted. Just as The Duke and E hit the back door, I look back as the motorcycle cop slowly cruises by, I know he's
heading to the back so i stop the other two just as they are heading out to the patio. I tell them to hold up just a sec and Sho nuff Barney Fife slowly creeps by like the terminator on his bike. We start heading to the front as E and N are coming in the door. The awesome folks at TTV tell us not to worry, he won't head inside. We cozy up to one of the little bars and end the evening there. I was going throw in the swat team and some other bullshit but don't have the patience to write that much.